You Need to Fix Your #CakeFace Makeup! | Tips and Tricks


  1. Queen Dy Gravy says:

    Are you preggers? Not trying to jinx u tho lol. I use sweet almond oil at night

  2. Ms Chokola says:

    The final look wasn’t cakey at all! But I have the same issue! I stopped baking too long and started doing the powder before foundation trick then do a light bake. I find that doing that I don’t have to use setting spray to combat the powder and my natural oils take care of that eventually. I also find myself alternating between brushes and sponge for application. It makes a difference imo.

  3. KingOfQueens 1 says:

    My heart melted “ you look really good” “ thank you sweetie “ y’all sounded so sweet

  4. KebaStew says:

    She ready!

  5. Taylor Williams says:

    Lol you’re so funny lol

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