Kareena Kapoor Khan Bridal Makeup Tutorial | Veere Di Wedding | In Urdu / Hindi

Hey you Guys

So I thought I would do something different today. I tried speaking in Urdu/Hindi in this video. I hope you guys enjoy and please try not to write any harsh comments, it’s not my first language I am just trying out here. ; )

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  1. Sameer Ahmad Tahseen says:


  2. Weda Sarwary says:

    Slam roya jan qan 😍
    yak swal dashtam dar mord extension mozha agar lotf koni jawab badi …….man ham dost darm anjam bedam wali aslan namefahmam khob ast ya na agr kami malomat badi khosh mesham khoharkam 😙😙

  3. Anisa Azizi says:

    Great job amazing !

  4. Anisa Azizi says:

    You are more beautiful than her mashallah roya Jaan 👍👍 nice video I like it

  5. Anisa Azizi says:

    Girl your more pretty then kareena kapur obviously you have your own Afghan beauty keep it up 👍 grand video

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