How to stop makeup from melting – 5 summer makeup tips

As the heat starts to rise, one of the biggest questions on everybody’s minds is how to stop makeup melting off your face. “I hate wearing makeup in the summer! My foundation melts off!”

Summer Hen Kathleen asked this question as she needs summer makeup tips more than anybody – she’s horse crazy, and she’s out doing horse stuff in the sun and heat. She needs sweat proof makeup tips!

In this video I have 5 makeup tips, plus one non-makeup tip – something you’ll need before you even open your cosmetic bag.

Here’s the highlights:

1. Buy the right makeup. Powder instead of liquid? What’s the best summer lipstick – glosses, lipsticks or stains? Do you need oil free makeup? Waterproof makeup? Sweat proof makeup? What’s the best makeup for hot humid weather?

2. How much to put on. You don’t want to pile it on, but you still need something. Here are some tips for getting enough but not too much.

3. Makeup primer. You need it, but not too much. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your primer, including how much makeup primer you need to get the job done.

4. Setting powder. In the “how to keep makeup on in the heat” department, a lot of people swear by setting powder. It’s a classic solution, but not all summer hens can use it. Here are some ideas for how to rock it.

5. Like setting powder, we’ve got setting spray. This is my current favorite. You can use this at the beginning of the day, but also throughout the day to keep your makeup in place.

I’ve also got a bonus tip in here too, a tweak you can make to how you wash your face that helps prevent makeup from melting.


❗DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. Everything in this video I bought myself, or received redeeming Sephora VIB reward points.

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