AMG: Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick in F13 & F15 | ColourPop Take Me Home Palette

Made with Perfect Video


  1. Amateur Makeup Girl says:

    Hey everybody! Hope you all enjoy this video when you all get a chance after celebrating with your moms or if you are a mom! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  2. Shel Denise says:

    I saw the foundation sticks on Ulta’s website when they had MR bogo, but hadn’t seen many reviews/videos.

  3. Citylicker45 says:

    Hi boo. Happy Mother’s Day! Loved the look. Always love your videos.

  4. RINNA 2000 says:

    Happy mother’s day I just love the makeup look….

  5. teetease2000 says:

    Hey hope u enjoyed your Mother’s Day! The makeup is 🔥 as always

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