ALL MY MAKEUPS Tutorials. Ep.1

All My Makeups Tutorials. Ep.1 πŸ†• 2018

Hello beauty!
I’ve made a compilation of all my makeups tutorials, this is my 1st compilation of my makeup tutorials, and beauty how to.

In this makeup tutorial compilation you can find :

– 0:01 How to make Grunge makeup
– 10:13 How to do makeup with red lips
– 17:22 How to do makeup with glitter
– 26:28 How to do nakeup for brown eyes with blue accent
– 35:47 No mirror makeup challenge
– 40:42 Random makeup challenge of 5 products
– 46:04 How to do school makeup
– 51:48 How to do smokey eyes makeup
– 55:38 How to do a spring makeup
– 1:01:17 Eyeliner tutorial

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